lunedì 5 novembre 2007

Piercing Palace

Eng- I never noticed this palace cornerce in piazzetta Corpus Domini close the Palazzo di Città. Then suddenly a group of Portuguese speaking tourists looking up made me raise my eyes to see the pierced palace's nose. The Piazzetta, beside the Corpus Domini miracle's church gives us also more tender corners.

Fr- Je n'at envais jamais vu cet angle d'un palais de piazzetta du Corpus Domini à deux pas du Palais di Città. Ensuite un groupe de touristes de langue portugais regardaient en haute m'ai sauté aux yeux le piercing au nez du palais.
La place outre l'église du miracle du Corpus Domini nous offre même des angles plus tendres.

Ita- Non avevo mai notato questo angolo di un palazzo di piazzetta del Corpus Domini a due passi dal Palazzo di Città. Poi un gruppo di turisti di lingua portoghese che guardavano in alto mi ha fatto alzare lo sguardo. Ecco il piercing al naso del palazzo.
La piazza oltre alla chiesa del miracolo del Corpus Domini ci concede anche angoli più teneri.

Torino, piazza Corpus Domini

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Hyde DP ha detto...

always amazing what you find when you look up

M.Benaut ha detto...

La vostra macchina fotografica, Bucefalo, - Il apporte beaucoup d'images merveilleuses. Les détails que vous nous montrez tous sont brillants. Merci également de visiter Adelaïde. Il fait très beau de vous rencontrer.

smilnsigh ha detto...

I like the bottom photo best!

But the top photo is very different. Tell me, are those drops of 'Blue' blood, painted on the white wall, where the 'ring' pierces the building? I can't think of anything else, it could be.

Here, when one says the term "Blue Blood," it means someone of royalty. Or at least, of very high-class. So I guess, the rest of us, have plain Red Blood, hu? ,-)

Oh but the bottom photo! Perfect! Lovely! Beautiful! All the colors work so wonderfully together, too.

The pale wall... The red vine leaves... The bits of green of the plants... The different grey's of the windows and the tiny balconies... I'd love to sit down there, and just stare at this.

And of course, then I'd want to be able to be invited inside these apartments. -smile- See how they are decorated. Look out the tiny balconies. So romantic. Oh so romantic. -happy sigh-

You must love your beautiful city!


TeamSplashi ha detto...

Great objects for photos on your blog. Torino is great city. Good to see Juve going back on the track against Inter.


smilnsigh ha detto...

Again thank you! For the wonderful reply to my questions, which you put in the comments in my blog.

I too, love replying to questions, in the person's own blog. That way, we can be sure that they see that we replied. :-)

And I finally clicked on the 'You Tube' videos, about Torino... Those you have on the Side Bar of your blog. Oh my!!! -sigh- I want to see your beautiful city, for myself!!!


Anonimo ha detto...

The photographs are really nice. I have enjoyed this post.

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